Our Philosophy

Chef Marc Lanteri’s “Frontier Cuisine” is an amalgamation of some of the world’s richest gastronomic flavors and traditions.
Born to Italian parents in Tende, France, high in the Alps-Maritime near the border of Piemonte, Marc creatively synthesizes the cultural and gastronomic influences of Provence, Piemonte wine country’s rolling vine-carpeted hills, the bountiful Italian countryside, and the nearby Mediterranean Sea. Drawing on his Italian roots in the mountainous territory of southeastern France, Marc unites home-style flavor with French culinary technique.


Chef Marc’s creative inspiration springs from his from gastronomic intuition and instinct. Out of respect for quality and the rhythms of the seasons, Marc exclusively uses prime local ingredients to create surprising dishes that evoke satisfying emotions and flavorful memories of forgotten flavors, but prepared for today’s enjoyment.