Marc Lanteri

Chef Marc Lanteri was born to Italian parents in the alpine town of Tende, France in the Roya Valley, strategically located between the Mediterranean Sea and Piemonte, in 1968. Marc’s gastronomic DNA, that would dominate his personality, began to express itself in his infancy. His culinary roots are buried deep in the high mountain town where his parents nurtured his early gastronomic curiosity; his father through his talent for cultivating organic fruits and vegetables in the family garden, and his mother who used her copious collection of recipes to transform her husband’s bounty into delicious traditional dishes.
Marc’s formal culinary arts education began in hospitality high school of Mentone, France. His early educators provided Marc with indispensable tools to begin his intense professional training under the instruction of some of contemporary cuisine’s greatest artists. Marc counts Alain Ducasse,Christian Morisset, Michel Rostang, Enzo Santin, Annie Feolde, and Paolo Teverini as some of his masters.
Under the mentoring of each brilliant chef, Marc studied the art of fine dining with determination. Superior work experience, united with his strong resolve to understand all the elements of food
and flavor, crafted Marc’s culinary style that expresses exceptional harmony and dynamic taste. His recipes are a continuum of the past and present with a look to the future.
Marc’s acquisition of his first Michelin Star at Delle Antiche Contrade, a restaurant in Cuneo in 2004, affirmed his unmistakable haute cuisine style, a style that became the brand “Marc Lanteri.”

In December 2008, Marc and Amy opened Il Baluardo restaurant in Mondovì (CN) where they reacquired the Chef’s one star Michelin rating in 2011.
The culinary couple moved to their new gastronomic home in Castello Grinzane Cavour in 2015 where they now delight locals and visitors alike under the watchful eye of Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, the former resident of the castle in the 19th century.

When not in the kitchen with his brigade, Marc enjoys working in his vegetable garden and foraging for aromatic herbs, mushrooms and truffles as well as spending family time with his two children.