Marc Lanteri

Chef Marc Lanteri was born in Tenda, a small village just across the border from Piedmont Italy on the French side of the Roya Valley. His culinary passion began in his childhood thanks to his mother, a custodian of the secrets behind traditional Piedmontese cuisine, and his father, a wise cultivator who showcased the territory's rich and generous bounty of fruits and vegetables. Marc began intense culinary training in his late teens alongside some of the greatest interpreters of contemporary cuisine of our time, including Alain Ducasse, Christian Morisset, Michel Rostang, Enzo Santin, Annie Feolde, and Paolo Teverini. Marc learned the art of authentic cooking from each of these incredible chefs in esteemed restaurants throughout France and Italy. Today an experienced and highly awarded chef in his own right, Marc Lanteri pursues his goals as a tireless researcher of taste, tradition, and excellence.

In 2004 at Ristorante Delle Antiche Contrade in Cuneo, Marc received his first Michelin star entering the Michelin Red Guide. In 2008, together with his partner Amy Bellotti, he opened Il Baluardo in the historic Mondovì Piazza. In 2015 Marc and Amy took over the Barolo restaurant of Grinzane Cavour Castle, the historic home of Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, as part of their continued trajectory within Piedmont.

In Spring 2023, seeking new experiences and growth, Marc and Amy moved their restaurant to Castagnito d'Alba in the beautiful Unesco vineyards. Remaining faithful to the Langhe and Roero roots of their cuisine, Marc and Amy continue to innovate and bring new dishes to their guests in a wonderfully relaxing and authentic environment.



Ristorante Marc Lanteri
Via Serra 21/d Castagnito d'Alba
12050 CN Italy

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+39 0173 262172



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  • Lunedì e Martedì: Chiuso
  • da Mercoledì al Domenica: 12-14, 19-22