Piedmontese Traditions and French Spirit

Chef Marc Lanteri’s menu synthesises Piedmont traditions with French esprit creating innovative cuisine.Rich in products from Alba and the Langhe region, the menu presents, along with sustainable seafoods from nearby Liguria, dishes showcasing the freshness and excellent quality of the raw materials from this area of southwestern Piedmont.
The accompanying wine list reveals a careful selection of local and global wines by Amy Bellotti and Sommelier Alessandro Corsini with particular attention given to producers who work with respect for the environment and avoid or minimize the use of chemicals both in the vineyard and in the cellar.
Marc Lanteri dishes evoke emotions — they are tastes linked to the memory of the past, made unique and modern by the chef's hands. Typical dishes such as 'vitello tonnato', knife-edged steak tartare, traditional fresh pastas, and dishes especially for the treasured Alba white truffle all come alive and are reinterpreted by Marc in ways that surprise, delight and satisfy his guests — in every season of the changing year.

Just outside of Alba Italy, a treasure beyond the Barolo restaurant scene



Ristorante Marc Lanteri
Via Serra 21/d Castagnito d'Alba
12050 CN Italy

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+39 0173 262172



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