The Staff

Chef Marc Lanteri’s brigade is made up of close-knit professionals, many are young and all are passionate about haute cuisine, eager to learn and enrich their cultural background under his guidance.

Amy oversees restaurant management with the support of Sommelier Alessandro Corsini who has been involved in Michelin Star wine list development since the first "Marc Lanteri" Barolo restaurant. Alessandro's wine knowledge is profound and together they are constantly refining the restaurant's wine offerings including organic and biodynamic wine options.

"We strive to provide the highest level of service in both kitchen and dining room, focusing on small details and every guest's needs, ensuring the beauty of our land is made more magnificent by every dining experience with us." Amy Bellotti.



Ristorante Marc Lanteri
Via Serra 21/d Castagnito d'Alba
12050 CN Italy

Per Prenotazioni
+39 0173 262172



  • Orari:
  • Lunedì e Martedì: Chiuso
  • da Mercoledì al Domenica: 12-14, 19-22